Terms and conditions

The placing of an order expresses acceptance of our terms of business. The following conditions apply to and are deemed to be incorporated in all contracts for the sale and supply of the Company’s services and materials. They specifically exclude any terms and conditions proffered by the client.


Unless otherwise stated an estimate is open for acceptance for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of issue.

We reserve the right to alter the price or terms of an estimate, if on inspection of a clients order or instruction it is found to be different from the specification understood when the estimate was given.


An order or the acceptance of an estimate must be accompanied by sufficient information for the company to proceed with the order and any modifications must be agreed in writing. If a special estimate is used then reference to that must be made. All telephone and associated orders should be confirmed in writing. All communications relating to orders should specify the number and date of the original order together with a description of the goods.

Colour Reproduction

The Company employs the most modern methods of working and takes into account, wherever technically possible, requests regarding colour balance. Without specific instructions or a colour guide, reproduction of colour will be deemed faithful at the discretion of the Company.


By placing an order the client declares his right to reproduce all origination supplied in whatsoever form. The client assumes absolute liability for any resulting liability of copyright in any action brought by a third party and agrees to indemnify Exhibition Display Solutions against any resulting loss or damage.

Late Delivery

The Company will use it’s best endeavours to ensure that orders are completed within the times stated but will not accept any liability for damages in the event of failure so to do. Should delay be experienced in the completion of an order the buyer does not have the right to cancel his order either entirely or in part.


Goods are sent entirely at the risk of the client or consignee.


Delivery, other than by first class post will be charged at the prevailing rates plus 10%. Orders for consignments outside the UK Mainland will be subject to prevailing shipping rates.

Value Added Tax

All prices are charged exclusive of VAT. This is charged at the rate prevailing on the date of supply.


Any goods rejected as not complying, for whatever reason, with the order placed must be so rejected in writing within 7 days of receipt by the client or his agent. Goods damaged in transit must be kept within their packing for inspection. In cases of complaint it is necessary that all relative work must be returned together with the invoice and original material. The company must be notified immediately if delivery is not affected within 3 days of receipt of invoice.

Reservation of Title

The company retains title to the goods until all amounts due from the client are paid. In the event of a client being unable to pay his debts, the company may enter his premises and recover the goods that are his property by value of this clause.


Exhibition Display Solutions is proud of its reputation for careful handling of client’s work and for the fact that it takes all possible care with regard to property entrusted to it. The company will, however, not accept liability beyond the cost of the clients original material and should this have an intrinsic value beyond that of the material itself, then the client will have been assumed to have effected all risks insurance. The company shall not be liable to the client for or in respect of any consequential loss of the customer whether for or arising out of any breach of this agreement or error (whether negligent or not) in information supplied to the customer before or after the date of this agreement in connection with it’s subject matter. “Consequential loss” shall include loss of profit, use or goodwill (or similar financial loss), any payment made or due to any third party and any loss or damage caused by delay in delivery or installation or in the supply of equipment, software or services to be provided under this agreement. Where work is defective for any reason the Company’s liability (if any) shall be limited to rectifying such defect.

Terms of Payment

Where no other terms have been specified the Company’s terms of payment regarding established credit accounts are net cash payable within 30 days of invoice. In the case of new business the terms are strictly cash with order until a credit account has been established.


The Company reserves the right to alter prices without notice.

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